Art Rimbaud Project: Remix Contest

Compose your own Art Rimbaud song!

Would you like to set a text by Rimbaud to music, yourself? We give you the opportunity to do so!

Below you'll find the English version of Arthur Rimbaud's original poem Eternity and sound samples (with 120bmp in CD quality) of our mix (titled Es Ist Ein Turm Erhoben) for you to download.

Take the text and the samples and compose your own interpretation. Then send us your mix as 128 kbit mp3 to

The five best songs selected by us will be published on and the sender will receive an Art Rimbaud Project album (double-CD with music video) hand signed by the ISCH ART artists.

Moreover, the makers of the title we select best song will be given the option to publish own titles on one of the upcoming ISCH ART CDs.

So put your mind to it and create something posh! The style is insignificant - we've got big ears.

Song Lyrics: Arthur Rimbaud, Eternity

It is recovered.
What? Eternity.
In the whirling light
Of sun become sea.

Oh my sentinel soul,
Let us desire
The nothing of night
And the day on fire.

From the applause of the world
And the striving of man
You set yourself free
And fly as you can.

For out of you only,
Soft silken embers,
Duty arises
Nor surfeit remembers.

Then shall all hope fail,
No orietur.
Science with patience,
The torment is sure.

It is recovered.
What? Eternity.
In the whirling light
Of sun become sea.

Sound Samples

Download each of the five sound samples separately:

Crash (344 KB)
Percussion (689 KB)
Science (1.34 MB)
Solo (1.34 MB)
Spheres (1.34 MB)

Download all five sound samples as a zip file. (You need WinZip to unpack the files.):

Art Rimbaud Project Remix Contest sound samples (4.31 MB)