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Quotes By Arthur Rimbaud

Arthur and Frédéric at the Rossat Institute.
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"You have to pass an exam, and the jobs that you get are either shining shoes, or herding cows, or tend to pigs. Thank God, I don't want any of that! Damn it!

And besides that they smack you for a reward; they call you an animal and it's not true, a little kid, etc...

Oh! Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn!"

Arthur Rimbaud, 1854, at age ten, about having to attend the Rossat Institute, where his mother enrolled him an his elder brother Frédéric.

"Condemned to wander."
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"(...) I regret not being married, not having a family. Now I am condemned to wander, attached to a faraway company, and every day I lose the taste for the climate and the manners of living, and even the language of Europe. Alas! What is the use of these comings and goings, and this tiredness and these adventures (...)

Should I not, one day in some years, be able to rest in a place that I like more or less, and find a family, and have at least a son whom to raise according to my own ideas I shall spend the rest of my life on, to arm him with the best education possible, and to see him become a famous engineer, a man powerful and rich through science? But who knows how long my days can last in these mountains? (...)"

Arthur Rimbaud in a letter to his family, May 6, 1883.

"(...) But to always live at the same place, I will always find very unfortunate. Finally, the most probable is that we rather go where we don't want to, and that we rather do what we do not like to do, and that we live and die quite differently than we would ever like it, without hope of any sort of compensation (...)"

Arthur Rimbaud in a letter to his family, January 15, 1885.

"Goodbye future!"
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"(...) What a nuisance, what a fatigue what a sadness when I think about all my ancient travels, and how active I had been just five months ago! Where are the runs across mountains, the cavalcades, the walks, the deserts, the rivers and the seas?

(...) And to think I precisely had decided to come back to France this summer to get married! Goodbye wedding, goodbye family, goodbye future! My life is gone, I'm no more than an immobile trunk (...)"

Arthur Rimbaud sharing his feelings about the amputation of his his right leg, in a letter to his sister Isabelle, 1891.

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