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Why and how it all started...

In merely 37 years of a life that encompassed a spectrum from exuberantly exhilarating to crushingly tragic, Jean-Nicholas-Arthur Rimbaud (20.10.1854 - 10.11.1891) created a body of poetry and autobiographical texts that were unique and groundbreaking in their time... and still are today.

Arthur Rimbaud's style has influenced a large number of artists throughout the times and still continues to do so over a century after his death. Considered an outcast and rebel by the majority of his era's society, his genius being appreciated by only a few while he lived, Arthur Rimbaud is today acknowledged as a visionary, one of the first proponents of the free verse style and a predecessor to the surrealists.

The intensity and the timeless emotional impact of Arthur Rimbaud's work make his poetry the perfect song lyrics. A project aiming at composing songs based on a selection of Rimbaud's poems was long predestined to be.

In 1994 Hector Zazou - together with artists such as Bill Laswell, Dead Can Dance, John Cale, David Sylvian, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Tim Simenon - produced Sahara Blue, an album with twelve songs based on English translations of Rimbaud poems.

In 2004 an enthused group of professional artists has teamed up under the name ISCH ART to make a similar and just as ambitious project happen, this time using not only English but also German translations of Arthur Rimbaud poems as well as original French texts.

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The members of ISCH ART are
(contributions to the project in brackets):

Aline Verney
(Vocalist, Localization)

Michael Korotschenko
(Musician/Composer, Vocalist, Music Video Producer)

Helmut Halfmann
(Musician/Composer, Vocalist, Website Development)

Martin Diehl
(Musician/Composer, Vocalist, Music Video Producer)

Roland Scheidel
(Musician/Composer, Product Designer)

Uwe Henke
(Musician/Composer, Vocalist)

Tony Caulfield
(Vocalist, Actor, Voice-Over Talent, Writer)

Halfmann & Scheidel Publishing
(Web Space Provider)